Dried Scallop S (500g)
Dried Scallop S (500g)

Hokkaido Dried Scallop S
In the pristine waters of Hokkaido, a small seed is tempered into a firm, fragrant and flavourful scallop after four years of meticulous care. An excellent source of lean protein, these golden nuggets are also full of natural savoury umami flavour, perfect for addition into soups, stews or sautéd.

This is the best Japanese quality scallop, absolutely great value in a smaller size!

Our product is certified SIZE S, GRADE 1 in Japan and is rigorously inspected and graded by the Hokkaido Scallop Grading Committee. The moisture content will be below 16% as per Japanese standards. Many suppliers in Australia falsely relabel the Japanese S Size as a Large Size or XL Size – please do check the specifications to compare our products accurately.

Size: Certified S Size
Grade: Certified Grade 1
Quantity per Pack (approx.): 88 pcs
Weight per Scallop: 5.0g – 6.7g
Net Weight: 500 g

Product is from the 2022 scallop season (harvested April to June 2022, dried July to September) and is clean and safe to consume.

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Okinawa Sea Cucumber (500g)
Okinawa Sea Cucumber (500g)

Okinawa Dried Sea Cucumber
The premium quality and species hard to find in Australia

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Yemen Sea Cucumber (500g)
Yemen Sea Cucumber (500g)

Yemen Dried Sea Cucumber
This Yemen Sea Cucumber from HealthyNest is delicately dried, with thick and clean flesh, excellent shape and first class texture. Upon full soaking, it will increase volume by 8 times, weight by 8 times, and be doubled in length.

Available Grades:
25 pcs / 500g (#50, 50 pcs / kg)
35 pcs / 500g (#70, 70 pcs / kg)
50 pcs / 500g (#100, 100 pcs / kg)

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Hokkaido Spiky Sea Cucumber (100g / 250g)
Hokkaido Spiky Sea Cucumber (100g / 250g)

Hokkaido Highest Grade Dried Sea Cucumber
The ultimate quality – this species is extremely hard to find in Australia.

Japanese spiky sea cucumbers, Apostichopus japonicus, are found in the cool waters around northern Japan. Commonly referred to as ‘cishen‘ in Chinese cuisine, they are regarded as the highest quality sea cucumber for cooking due to their crunchy and elastic texture. Their sizes are suitable to be served individually, unlike the large tropical sea cucumbers which usually must be sliced to serve.

HealthyNest Hokkaido Dried Sea Cucumbers are dried to a market leading standard, packed to minimise spike damage, and come in a variety of size grades.

Store in a cool and dry place.

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New Zealand Ling Fish Maw (500g)
New Zealand Ling Fish Maw (500g)

From the cool waters of New Zealand (新西蘭), we bring you 100% pure premium dried whole pink-ling maw. This product has good to excellent thickness and mouthfeel.

We offer this product in 3 grades, all in 500 g packs.

Medium: 7-11 pieces per 500g pack.
Large: 5-6 pieces per 500g pack.
Extra Large: 4-5 pieces per 500g pack.

Store out of sunlight in a cool, dry place.

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Malacca Fish Maw (250g)
Malacca Fish Maw (250g)

Malacca Fish Maw
Otherwise known as Golden Dragon dried fish maw, this is a firm but elastic maw from the waters of Malacca, near Malaysia.

The maw retains the premium thickness of the meat.

Great for soups and stews!

Approx. 60 pcs per kg (13-17 pcs per 250 g).

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