About Us
HealthyNest was established in Hong Kong in 1989. The business expanded to the U.S. West Coast in 1998. Since its founding, HealthyNest, with its pure, dry, fragrant, medium texture, and complete range, has been renowned in the bird nest markets of Hong Kong and the United States. HealthyNest’s emphasis on quality service and putting the customer first as well as adhering to the tradition of pricing at genuine values has won broad acclaim by bird nest connoisseurs.

HealthyNest Australia (Limited) was incorporated in Sydney in 2006. We have since been dedicated to finding the best quality bird’s nest (燕窝) for the local market and ensuring that all HealthyNest products are fully natural, with no bleaching, no dyeing, and free of chemicals and adulterants. Currently, over 80 retailers, including Chinese medicine clinics and gift shops, in 5 major Australian cities distribute HealthyNest products. Our products are of the highest quality, yet are priced reasonabily, perfect for gifts or self use.

About Bird's Nest
The edible birds’ nests are made by swiftlet Collocalia-Fuciphaga, found in the tropical coastal area in South-east Asia. This unique swiftlet build their nests only with their saliva to form a composition of interwoven strands of salivary laminae cement. The nests are then crystallized and ready for swiftlet to lay eggs. When the egg has hatched and the young chick fledged, the nest is abandoned – a female will never lay her eggs in an old nest.

Birds’ nests are rich in protein, amino acids and minerals. Scientific reports have repeatedly shown that bird’s nest can enhance tissue growth and cellular regeneration, slowing the ageing process, and boost cell mediated immunity in humans. It can also regulate the endocrine system and other body functions.

Birds’ nests are beneficial to all kinds of people, especially children, the elderly, pregnant women, and post-surgery recoverers. Patients suffering from coughs, tracheitis, bronchitis, asthma or lung disease also benefit.

All our products have gone through a cleaning process to remove feathers, down, dust and other impurities to render it suitable for consumption and ready to cook.

About Seafood
Today, HealthyNest has expanded into sourcing the best quality dried seafoods from across the world, such as dried scallops, dried fish maw, and dried sea cucumbers.

Our products have a stable shelf-life as befits their consistent and dry specifications - stopping waste and getting our customers more protein!

We work with world grade suppliers who are commited to producing fully natural dried seafoods with no additives or artificial ingredents.