Hokkaido Spiky Sea Cucumber (100g / 250g)


Hokkaido Highest Grade Dried Sea Cucumber
The ultimate quality – this species is extremely hard to find in Australia.

Japanese spiky sea cucumbers, Apostichopus japonicus, are found in the cool waters around northern Japan. Commonly referred to as ‘cishen‘ in Chinese cuisine, they are regarded as the highest quality sea cucumber for cooking due to their crunchy and elastic texture. Their sizes are suitable to be served individually, unlike the large tropical sea cucumbers which usually must be sliced to serve.

HealthyNest Hokkaido Dried Sea Cucumbers are dried to a market leading standard, packed to minimise spike damage, and come in a variety of size grades.

Store in a cool and dry place.

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Product Grade

Extra Large #60, Large #80, Medium #100, Small #160

Product Weights

100 g, 250 g